Saturday, December 14, 2019


Mr. Shamsul Azhar bin Mohd Yusof – Registrar of Unisel



Shah Alam – The management of Universiti Selangor (Unisel) humbly hope its students to be more adaptive in handling dilemmas of festive holidays.

Earlier yesterday on 12 October, Indian students of Unisel Shah Alam expressed their dissatisfaction with the days and exceptional leaves that were given to them for Deepavali.

Although the students were given two days off after the official public holiday, they were furious and saddened at the same time as lectures will continue as usual.

Unisel Registrar Shamsul Azhar bin Mohd Yusof, shared with The Voice that Unisel respect other cultures and understand Indian students’ need to be celebrating Deepavali with their beloved ones.

Yet in this tight situation where Deepavali has fallen on a weekday, which is Wednesday, it has caused some hard amendment issues on the academic calendar and it cannot be changed easily as it will create ripple effects later on.

He also added that it is hard to rearrange the academic calendar as well as to instruct lecturers to rearrange the lectures.

Hence, the university’s management settled with allowing exceptional leave on 19 and 20 October for Indian students. Lecturers were also ordered to not conduct any quiz or examination during the respective dates so as not to cause discontent among students who are on leave.

“The management also conveyed its concerns about the students’ education, saying that long-term breaks may cause the students to be more left behind on their subjects and they might face difficulties in in coping with future classes.”

“The students have the right to ask their respected lecturers for notes beforehand and extra time given to submit assignments since they will be off on exceptional leaves,” Shamsul added.

Therefore, he advised students to seek kindness from their lecturers and ask for notes and extra time to complete assignments.

The management hopes to settle this issue harmoniously as they are always concerned about students and their education.

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  1. Pavithiren Gengatharan

    The problem is why Unisel never prepare holidays earlier before giving holidays for Raya and Chinese New Year .This is not happening always where we have to beg for our rights in Unisel while Malays enjoy a week long holiday in name of mid-term break. Exceptional for Indians were given after Deepavali but not on eve where all the students from different states have to rush after class to go back to their place to celebrate Deepavali. We are not happy for the pelepasan because it is an exceptional only for Indians where others will have continuous class without missing a lesson and we have to battle all the lessons we missed . If this is not tyrannical , what can we label this as ?

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