Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Hajar Aisha Bee Binti Mohamed Riza being interviewed by The Voice early



Shah Alam – The Vice President of Student Representative Council (SRC) Hajar Aisha Bee Binti Mohamed Riza apologized to the fellow Indian students who were affected by the delay of the memo in concern of Deepavali Holidays.

Aisha said, “The SRC takes entire blame on themselves for not helping out the Indian students with festive leave issues and regrets it so much”.

The memo was issued this morning and SRC has cleared the air and explained in detail regarding the issue.

However, the SRC did make initiatives concerning the matter yet decision making from the management was delayed and they could not further justify or change the decision which has been made by the authority of Universiti Selangor.

“We welcome any critics and comments as we can see unity among Indian students in upholding their rights rather than being quiet,” said the Vice President.

She added that “We are trying to help the non- muslims with the issues of management but it is up to them to make the decision as we are only the mode of message conveyance between students and management and we do not have any power over decision making”.

“We hope that by years to come, this issue would be solved eventually as we do not want to spark any racist debate regarding festive holidays. Also, we hope that no political parties will come up with any speculation regarding the matter.”

The SRC told The Voice that they would look into this matter more efficiently here and after as the issue keeps prolonging and they would also ensure that every race in Unisel would get their equal rights as students.

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