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Prof. Dr. Shaharuddin Badaruddin spoke to The Voice on the significance of FESKONISEL. 


Shah Alam – The Feskonisel Colour Run 2017 was launched by Professor. Dr. Shaharuddin Badaruddin on Saturday. The program was organized by the Student Representatives’ Council (MPP) with collaboration Student Affairs (HEP), Universiti Selangor (Unisel) Shah Alam.

Shaharuddin said to The Voice “Usually in any big program, there will be a start up, means to gather strength and regain something, because convocation is the biggest event program in Unisel.”

“Feskonisel started here in Unisel Shah Alam because it is manageable, it is considered to be a big event and Shah Alam is considered to be the center stage of the state.” He told The Voice.

“That’s why for this year, Feskonisel started with something significant, we called it Feskonisel Run. This is because Feskonisel is only celebrated at Bestari Jaya”. He said.

The convocation will take place from 3 to 4 Nov.

An Overlook Mistake. 

Alia Nur Salsabila express her thoughts to The Voice. 

The first female to crossed the line was Alia Nur Salsabila, a final year student from the Faculty of Business in Diploma in Accountancy.

She was upset with the organizer with the conducts of the program.

However, she did not expect it would be like this, this is the first time she joined a competition without winning.

“I crossed the finish line as the first female. Suddenly, when I met with the organizer, they told me that they already had a winner,” She said.

Alia was surprised by the actions from the organizer as she hoped to win the race as for the female catogery.

The competition had no category for female nor male constentants.

“I trained everyday for this run, I joined this program to win the prize, but when the organizer overlooked at this matter, I am sad about it,” She said.

Alia expressed her anger for not being able to crown as the champion as she had to compete with the male participants.

“I ran and paid RM35 to win the first prize,I am shocked to know that the tickets are even expensive than the usually which only cost about RM20 to RM25”. She said.

The winner of the Colour Run for the first place is, Govinda Mogan. Second place goes to Yognish Nadarajah and the third place goes to Asyraf Sharuddin.

We will learn from our mistake – Alif

The program started with participations from Unisel students and  the public as well. This program was led by Muhammad Alif Bin Riduan, the Project Director who is also the Deputy Secretary General in MPP 2017.

“The main thing that the participants should do is to play with the colors. The program itself stated as color run,” Alif said.

“She (Alia) has joined many tournaments and event, she thinks that this program is the same as the programs she joined. But our program is open to the public, and we didn’t expect there will be a category issue.” Alif said in his statement

“We overlooked at the arrangements, because we were focusing on the participants from the public. We have discussed with the advisor.”

However, the organizer had no other choice but to proceed with the prize as they are on a strict budget.

“We hope that the same mistake would not happen in the future.” He said.

The oldest contestant from Perlis

Harisun Omar, 56, a contestant from Perlis joined the run. Harisun is a housewife with 7 children and a grandmother to 6 grandchildren,  expressed her delights on the run.

“This is the first run I had with my daugthers. I felt that the program can help the parents on spending their time with the children.” She said.

Harisun will be attending her daughter convocation ceremony which will take place on Sunday at Putraya International Convention Centre.

Celebrating the upcoming convocation festival

Alif said “This is the first program that was organized by MPP Unisel, Shah Alam. Before this, Colour Run was organized by Bachelor of Business Management Club. “

“The main objective of the run is to promote Unisel and celebrate the upcoming convocation.” He told The Voice.

“The second objective is we want to celebrate the upcoming graduates”. He said.

“As for the participants, our  initial target is 400 participants, but because of the shortage of time and others difficulty, we can only managed to get 270 – 280 participants join this program.” He said.

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