Tuesday, October 15, 2019



Shah Alam – The issue of dissolving Jemaah Seni Unisel (JSU) club by Persatuan Pembangunan Insan (PPI) is a just plain allegation.

Exco Kerohanian Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) Universiti Selangor (Unisel) Muhamad Sabri Basir admits the matter.

He told The Voice that the matter is a misjudgment among students caused by not having the right source of information.

“It is a miscommunication. That is what happens when you did not gain the information directly”, he commented when asked through Whatapps application.

During the incident, there is a group of students practising dancing inside the Activity Room while blasting loud music and they did not stop even during Maghrib Azan. However, after further investigation, the group of students are not members of JSU club.

JSU Vice Chairman Nursyaziyah Md Sharif said that the issue shocked her because the comment made by PPI does not lead to dissolving the club or any association.

“The reprimand is good and we accept it openly. We admit if the mistake is made by us and JSU never did such thing especially disrespecting the prayer time, but the rumours spread among students regarding PPI wanting to dissolve JSU are untrue”, said Nursyaziah.

MPP Vice Chairman Hajar Aisha Bee told The Voice that students should find information from the right source before spreading rumours.

“Students need to understand and know that clubs and association have no right to abolish others.

“Spreading rumours like this are very disappointing. Students should obtain the right information beforehand. I hope that after this incident, students will get the right information through trusted source and rumours need to stop once in for all”, she added.

JSU has made contact with PPI regarding this matter to clear the air and both clubs supposedly will release their official statement tomorrow to end the rumours from spreading.


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