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Kannan and Kavikumar waiting to enquire SRC in regard to the Deepavali leave


Shah Alam – The Indian students of Universiti Selangor (Unisel), raged about Deepavali leave which has not been issued by the Student Representative Council (SRC) and management of Unisel although the festive is a few days away.

The festive season will be on the 18 Oct. and students are still waiting for the official announcement from the management of Unisel concerning this issue.

Kannan Selvam from Faculty of Business and Accountancy (FBA) said that he is disappointed with Unisel’s management as well as the SRC for not upholding the privilege of the Indian students.

He stated that it’s their rights as Indian students to get holidays on festive seasons, yet they have to beg for mercy from the authority every year for holiday for the past few years and this issue never had an end.

“The authority should also consider someone who lives far away from Shah Alam. When the classes are conducted as usual, the lecturer will question why some of us can make it to class and some others cannot. Students rush to go back home and return back to Shah Alam within the short period of time,” he added.

Another student known as Kavikumar Tanjongmalai, who is a member of Indian Cultural and Language Society (ICLS), told The Voice that it is completely unfair to conduct lectures while they are away celebrating their festive season.

Kavikumar also expressed his disappointments as classes will be conducted as usual.

“What will happen if we are left out on our subjects and what is the point of having holiday although the lectures are on as usual?” He added.

Students were more enraged after knowing that classes will be held as usual while the leave is exceptional for Indian students only, as they feel it is unfair for them to miss their lectures.

The students hope there will be a change in dates and days of holidays as some of them have to book early tickets to go home for the festive season to be with their family, and without the rush to join classes.

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  1. U students, can’t even write in proper English. What sort of Uni are you students studying at? Your standard of English,is horrendous.
    I am wondering,where your Uni lecturers,got their degrees from.
    You Indian students,better go and pursue,the art of speaking and writing English.

  2. Same thing with Albukhary International University in Alor Star. Indian students and staff festive season ignored. New management is very poor management

  3. Yes i agree!!
    I’m staying too far from shah alam and i’m having test on tuesday . Then how i can go back to my hometown? On deepavali is it? . Think wisely please.I want unisel to change their decisions as soon as possible!!

  4. Talking back about equality, this isn’t supposed to happen already. Regardless of where the student is from, they have to spend time with their family. Why favoring to only the first major group and neglecting the rest? The minor groups aren’t humans? They don’t need to bond with their family and friends? But to everyone else too, yes, education is important but your family is your utmost priority. My university is approximately 50-60 km from my home but I’m still skipping classes to spend time with my family. You may feel that this is ridiculous, but what is more important to you then the family that had brought you to this extend? You are going to fail the subjects? It’s totally fine. You can retake or repeat the subject. Just my point of view.

  5. Shubashini Manirajoo

    This is totally unfair,consider like discriminating. They want your money but nvr value anything . Cuti raya boleh jea seminggu, dua minggu but deepavali is not festival is it?
    Thank god #Unitar is not like this before when I studied there
    #Mohonviralkan so that they wont downgraded indian !!

  6. They suppose to give holiday for 1 weeks but only giving pelepasan.It’s unfair.

  7. Ex UNISEL student. This issues going on Since i enter to this UNISEL (BTG Berjuntai). Why every year indian student wont’ get their festive leave. Yes what you said correct. The lecturer will questioned why some of us can make it to the class and some others cannot. I don’t know y our indian students don’t have authority every year for holiday when Deepavali festival celebration.

  8. i really support them.. Why unisel management do like this?? last few years the ol universities get long leave for their festival( deepavali,hari raya,Chinese new year and Christmas).. Than what happen to this time?? especially for indians?? please be fair..ok.. Other universities provide the long leaves why Unisel only never do like that?? We are also humans and we are also got feelings ol..don’t make us disappointment..

  9. Ganageswaran Nedunchellian

    I am a ex student who graduate from unisel by the year 2015. This issue is going on seems 2013 and before that. Indian students get holiday but the classes will be running on and Indian students will left out of their subjects. This is really unfair if compare to other religion/race festive day. Unisel council should take this issue serious and the Education Council should note this issue and prepare a better solution. It’s not about the leave it’s about a community’s freedom and education effect.

  10. It is very true. I totally agreed. It is a kind of discrimination and they should be ashamed of their decision of giving holiday only for Indian and conducting class for other races. What’s the point of it? Some lecturer’s act is quite threatening where they have quiz or test on that particular day. So some students have no choice other than attending the class. Do you think is it fair? Its not professional at all. But some lecturers are very understanding where they have replacement class for all. Because eduction same for all. Only Unisel differentiating it among other races. How am I supposed to frame it? Racism or discrimination or none professional? Though such classes conducted Indians are being topper most of the time.

  11. We need holiday for 17th and 19th okt. Not a pelepasan.

  12. Tabitra Rathan Kumar

    We want holiday starting from Monday itself .. it’s once a year celebration where we need to never with our family. I don’t agree with so called pelepasan holiday. The lecturers sure won’t repeat what they going to teach on Thursday and Friday to the students! We still going to miss our subjects on those days. For Raya we get a week holiday why don’t we get the same rights as them?! How can u all conduct class on deepavali eve??! We need to be back home with our families. Will it be fair for Malays to have class on eve of Raya??! Pls consider tq

  13. Very true.. pls think of the feelings of those who are at home waiting for us to come.. emotions and feelings should be given importance too…thanks

  14. I live at Kuala Selangor and I need some sufficient space and time for me to celebrate my festival with my family. I don’t really get to meet and see my family frequently as I am staying apart from them for my studies purpose if my festival holidays could prolong it would be helpful for me to spend a quality time with my family members

  15. I support. Indian students also must be treated equally.

  16. Like last year my marketing lecture give test on second day deepavali eventhough that day are pelepasan day for Indians. Many Indians students never come to class because it’s pelepasan.After deepavali we all join class as usual and student that did not come on second day deepavali ask lecture want to do test, but that lecture did not give us to do test. She ask us to waiting until she calling us to do test but until final exam madam did not calling us to do.. Our carry marks doing down… I hope this year won’t be happent again.. And it’s fair to Indians to get leave more than 1 day, and no class during that holiday time..

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